3 on 3 Basketball League at Applewood

Season will start June 23rd and run through July 28th.  Playoffs begin July 28th. Games will be Sunday nights from 4-8 pm. 

There will be 5 players per team playing 3v3 basketball. Ages 15 and up only.  Teams will be selected RANDOMLY.  Each team will have somebody 15-25, 25-35, and 35 and up.  


  • $15 for members
  • $40 for non-members (covers guest fees)
  • All fees are due the first week of play (June 23rd) and are NON-REFUNDABLE


  • Teams will be assigned by admin by age at random
  • 5 players a team ; 3 v 3
  • Game to 11; 1s and 2s; win by 2 or 15 straight.
  • Games are full-court; shoot for ball (do or die) other team chooses hoop
  • Call your own fouls
  • Games are not dependent on club being open


  • Season will be 5 weeks long starting June 23rd until July 28th, Playoffs July 28th
  • Games will be Sunday nights from 4-8pm
  • There will be a playoff bracket for week 6
  • Bracket will be seeded after week 5
  • Winner will be awarded T-Shirts


*Field Required